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    Rio-Spur-Ranch Natural Horsemanship Training

                    >Trained by Jessica Frantz<  




   At Rio-Spur-Ranch, Natural Horsemanship Training means treating horses with the respect they deserve and giving them the things they need to be great in all aspects of life. We teach all our clients natural horsemanship methods and insist upon gentle handling and appropriate training techniques. We train any type of horses or breed,  from wild Mustangs to Thoroughbreds and every thing in between. I do foundation  / groundwork  training. Colt starting from the ground-up and problem horses and horses with bad habits. We start and finish trail horses, ranch horses, competing in trail courses in the show pen, barrel racing, kid horses, reliable broke horses you can do just about any thing on. We also start roping. On starting colt's it will take about 1 month to 6 weeks. A horse with bad habits may take 2 to 3 months. The price per month is $350, unless the horse needs special maintenance. Feed and hay is not included in the price Bring what you have been feeding and enough for how long the horse or horses are in training. Horses in training will be stalled. They will no longer be on pasture. I also in some cases will trade horses for training. All horses must be in good health when dropped off at Rio-Spur-Ranch.

If you do not have a trailer, no problem we do pick-up and drop off as well!!!

If Rio-Spur-Ranch has a Horse in for Training, Boarding, or Breeding. And we Notify you the owner, when your Horse is Ready for pick up or payment is due. We will Contact you 3 times, by text, call or e-mail. which ever I have been talking you to. You will have 30 days, after the 30 days end, you will Forfeit the Horse, and any payments made, over to Rio-Spur-Ranch. For our time and expenses.

On Training We Do HALF Down And HALF At Pick up.

             Rio-Spur-Ranch Has The Right To Refuse Any Service To Anyone!!! For Any Reason.


Rio-Spur-Ranch's Prices on Training are going up, on January 1, 2015. We are going to start doing Specializing Training. As in if you want a Performance Horse for Barrels, Polo's or Roping. Or if you want a Trail all round, or a Kid Safe Horse. You can pick which Discipline you are going to use your Horse for!!!! And us not Training the Horse for 5 to 8 Different Disciplines. Prices will go up to> Trail All Round and Kid Safe Horse> Training is $450, per month. And Performance Horses as in Roping, Barrels, polo's> Training is $550, per month. And this is not including Hay and Feed. What is Included Board and Care. If you do not have time to being by Hay and Feed, live out of town/state. Or just don't know where to get the hay and feed. We can supply for $150 a month, on top of Training.

And please do Remember what you want and what your horse wants some times are two different things!!!!! What I mean is that you may want your horse as a Roping Horse, but he wants to be a kid horse, and the same, you may want a kid horse and he wants to be a performance horse.

         Here at Rio-Spur-Ranch we go off of what the horse likes or wants to do, for his Job in life!!!!!!!!!!

             If you have any Questions call, text, or e-mail me (956) 532-0024 or 

   Boarding $8 to $10 per day. Including feed and care.

                                    ( Booked call for availability )                                              (You need to get in contact with me to see whats available)

We no longer have pasture available to lease out. $300. per month. This is stalled 10X14X6. We also have 2 bigger stalls they are 20X20X6. We have one that is 40X15X6 and it has a 15X10X10 shelter, it's in the middle of the pen, this stall is $350 per month. Pricing may go up for stallion's or a horse with needs, on any of these stalls. If your a owner who wants to come by and ride or work your horse out, there are two round pens, you have easy access to. They are 50X50X7 and 44X44X6 We feed two times a day, stalls are cleaned daily. We do provide hay, feed and care, unless otherwise agreed upon.

If you want to Board a Horse or Horses, and you want to provide your own hay, feed and care, and daily stall cleaning. Price is $150, on 10X14X6 stalls and $175 on the 20X20X6 stalls. The stall with the Shelter is not included.

                              or (956) 532-0024

     These are the two 20X20X6 pens.              These are only 2 of 4, of the 10X14X6 pens.


   HorseBack-Riding-Lessons $30. an hour per rider.

We offer riding lessons for beginner / novice / intermediate and riders

wanting to further their skills on safe, reliable horses.

Barrel Racing, Poles, Trail and Team Penning Classes Available or (956) 532-0024

                   Horse Farrier / Hoof Trimming

      Natural Corrective and Maintenance Services.

                    $30 per horse,  Shoes are $75


                  (956) 532-0024  

                          Just some Pics of Horses I have Trained!!

   Ya'all come back now, ya hear!!

           Jessica A. Frantz

  2319 West Bus Hwy 83.

       Weslaco, Tx. 78596

           (956) 532-0024

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