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   Info About Horses is on the Horse Peg. And as Well for the Dogs and Puppies info is also on there Peg.

               Rio-Spur-Ranch Do's and Dont's.

 We no longer sale other ranch's horses because we take pride in our horses, to give the buyer confidence in purchasing a horse from Rio-Spur-Ranch. We will have open ranch day/sale for ranch's to bring horses to sale. The only way you can get in is by invitation or pre-approval.

 Call, text or e-mail me for more info (956) 532-0024


>Please Read The Following< 

Rio-Spur-Ranch Has The Right to Terminate Any Sale From Any Buyer!! For Any Reason.

Under Texas state law (chapter 87. civil practice and remedies code an Equine professional is not liable for an Injury to or the death of a participant in Equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of Equine activities.

Consequently, we will endeavor to care for your horse or horses as we do our own but we are not responsible for any sickness and/or injury to your horse or horses. If a problem arises, our first call will be to you, the owner, but failing to reach you forces us to treat any problem to your horse or horses as we would our own. Any expense derived from said treatment is at the horse owner's expense. Your signature will be needed upon arrival. This contract approves this stipulation and releases us to make the necessary decisions concerning proper care.

You will need to sign paperwork/documentation                                     

                   About The BLM And How to Adopt a Mustang

U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Wild Hores and Burro Program (BLM).  

Adopter must be at least 18 years old.

Never convicted of inhumane treatment of animals for violation of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

Provide facility with access to adequate feed, water and shelter.

Provide a home in the United States for the animal until title is received.

Adoption procedures: Complete Application to Adopt (Form 4710-10). (Inside packet.) Mail to BLM office of jurisdiction in your area. (See back of brochure.)

Fees: Standard adoption fee is $125. Final adoption fee may be determined through a competitive bid process - Silent or Oral. Fees avarage between $125.00 and $150.00. Trained horses may start at a higher fee.

Facility Requirements (Temporary Area to Gentle Animal): Corral, Stall, Paddock, Barn, Etc.

Minimum of 400 square feet, 20' x 20', per animal. Suitable materials: pipe panels, wood posts, planks (min 1.5" thick), horse fence ("v mesh" or 2" x 4" square). No stranding, electric meterials, or barbed wire. 4 1/2 foot high for burro. 5 foot high for ungentled yearling or gentled horse of any age.* 6 foot high for nongentled horse two years old and older.* Access to a two-sided shelter within the facility space.

* Facility approval is not based on FENCE height, but height of temporary contained area. Animals should not be turned out onto open pasture until gentled.

Trailer requirements: Open stock type trailer with rear swing gate, covered top, non-skid flooring, and smooth sturdy walls with no sharp protrusions. No drop ramps or truck mounted stock racks.

Note: If a halter and lead rope is provided at the adoption site, BLM will halter animal prior to loading.

           The Do's And Do Not's 

                                 When You Are Buying a Horse


* Provide good feed & adequate amounts to the size and work load of your horse, hay, water, shelter, hoof care, health care for your horse or animals, adequate maintenance, and lot of love. Please!!_______________________________________________________

Do Not:

* Feed moldy hay or sweetfeed,  over feed grain to your horse,   provide stale / stagnant water, have bad shelter or fencing, provide inadequate  health care, hoof care & maintenance.            ______________________________________________________

What I look for when I'm buying a new horse.                                               

#1 Good Health and Soundness 

#2 Straight Legs and Healthy Hooves

#3 Overall Good Condition and Good Weight

#4 Matching the Horse to Fit You & your Discipline 

email me for more horse buying (TIPS)


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